Hotel Niedersächsischer Hof  |  Klubgartenstraße 1-2  |  38640 Goslar
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The key to more than just a good night’s sleep

Room and room facilities

Come to the Niedersächsischer Hof to find a place for meeting, where you are cared for and find inspiration. Generous, light rooms with all the comforts.

A home from home, for as long as you stay.

We offer classic options of single and double rooms. All rooms have their own special characteristics while offering the same level of fittings and furnishings. If you have special wishes, we will be more than happy to satisfy them.

We offer both business as well as private guests comfort in line your wishes.

Contemporary art is a feature of all rooms in our hotel. What is good art exactly? It is inspiring. It raises questions. And it lets you focus on the moment.
Why not try it?