Hotel Niedersächsischer Hof  |  Klubgartenstraße 1-2  |  38640 Goslar
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Our hotel - a world of its own in the middle of the Harz Mountains

How to best describe a hotel which is actually indescribable?

Our hotel has been around since 1930. It is actually surprising how young one can feel despite the many years. Whether you wish to start your honeymoon or celebrate your “old love” – the Niedersächsischer Hof can turn your special occasion into an unforgettable event.

Escape the mundane – leave worries and troubles behind you.

Experience moments of pleasure – wonderful hours and days which will remain with you forever. Some of our guests are homesick when they get back home. You’re looking for a good restaurant? We can help. We have what you need. All you need is a reason.

Combining the necessary with the enjoyable, business with pleasure, relaxing in a place of calm, working successfully, informing and motivating.

That is the promise of the Niedersächsischer Hof conference culture.

The great thing about our hotel story is that we write it anew every day