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Goslar & the Harz mountains

Goslar can look back on a thousand years of history: it is situated on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains and has a unique, historical flair, with lots of culture and a wonderful city centre: it is rightly one of the top destinations for cultural and city travellers.

Countless half-timbered houses and works of art are represented in the old town, which together with the Rammelsberg mine has been a
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

The mighty Brocken, at 1,141.2 metres high, is the highest mountain in northern Germany, and is in the heart of the Harz National Park.

A wide range of hiking and walking trails and many sports activities in all seasons make the Harz a very special and popular holiday region.

You should have seen this in Goslar and the Harz Mountains:

  • Kaiserpfalz on the edge of the old town
  • Town hall on the market place
  • half-timbered buildings and small streets and alleys through the town
  • Rammelsberg visitor mine
  • Mönchehaus Museum of Modern Art
  • Stave church in Hahnenklee
  • Brocken with the Harz narrow gauge railway
  • National Park Harz Mountains
  • and many many more.