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Goslar & the Harz mountains

Lots of greenery. Full of freshness. A town of character. Like a piece of fruit.

Goslar has a history stretching back a thousand years: it is located on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains and boasts a unique, historic flair,
featuring culture treasures and a wonderful inner-city: it rightly belongs to the top holiday destinations for culture and city travellers.

Half-timbered buildings and works of art dominate the Old Town, which together with the Rammelsberg Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The fabulous Brocken mountain, 1,141.2 metres in height and North Germany’s highest peak, is surrounded by the Harz mountain range.
Nature doesn’t do things by half here.

A wide choice of hiking and walking paths and many sports offers are available in every season and make the Harz Mountains a very special
and popular holiday region.